The 10x documentation (in progress) can be found here


How can I give feedback or report bugs? - You can report bugs and feature requests here:
- You can contact Stewart with any questions on 10x here: contact.htm
What's the best way to stay informed about 10x? - Follow @stewartlynch8 on Twitter.
- The 10x blog
- The 10x Live stream deglog.htm
Where can I find a list of the latest changes? The change log can be found here: here
10x has crashed, what should I do? Crash dumps are saved in AppData\Roaming\10x\CrashDumps\. Please send me your dump file or upload it here. To make it extra useful please enable full dumps in the 10x settings. Full dumps are much larger but do compress well.
If you have had unsaved files in 10x they will be restored when you restart (backs up unsaved files every 5 secs)
Are there plans to support other platforms? Yes, the 10x engine is cross platform and supports opengl rendering. The primary focus in the medium term will be Windows, but support for Linux and OSX are planned.
10x is causing a low refresh rate on my mouse cursor This is caused by G-Sync. Try setting DisablePresentWhenIdle to false or alternatively disabling G-Sync specifically for 10x