10x Features

The table below shows an overview of the main 10x features. For a full list of all features and how to use them see the documentation.

Open Visaul Studio sln projects (read only)
Open folder workspaces
Create custom 10x workspaces
Open recent workspace
Open last workspace on startup
Drag-drop to add/reorder files (10x workspaces)
Auto-detect external changes
Open recent file
Unsaved file backup
Text encodings (UTF-8, UTF-16 BE, UTF-16 LE, ANSI, Shift_JIS, BOM)
Show file in workspace tree
Restore recently closed file
Toggle read-only
Drag-drop to open file
Auto-detect file changes
Copy file path
Open file folder
Panel grid
Move panel focus between column/rows with keyboard
Move panel between column/rows with keyboard
Drag-drop panels
Fixed/auto column count
Fixed/auto vertical panel count
Duplicate panel
Prev/next tab
Control+tab switch file
Column presets
open cpp in column 1, h in column 2
Tab pinning
Undo, redo
Cut, Copy, Paste
Paste History
Select all
Select current word
Select current scope
Select current bracket scope
Move caret prev/next word
Move caret prev/next word + select
Make uppercase/lowercase
Move line up/down
Cut line
Delete line
Duplicate line
Insert line
Indent/unindent line/block
Tab/space indent mode
Auto detect indent mode
indent guide lines
Update indents on paste
Multi-cursor rect select
Multi-cursor click add
Multi-cursor select next word
Comment/uncomment line/block
Toggle comment line/block
Comment block formatting
Auto format
Format on close brace
Format selection
Format file
CRLF or LF line endings
Show whitespace
Show line endings
Word wrap
Collapse/expand regions
Toggle collapse/expand
Expand All
Prev/next location (global/file)
Toggle bookmark
Prev/next bookmark (global/file)
Clear all bookmarks (global/file)
Key macro recording/playback
Goto prev/next find result
Line numbers
Line length ruler lines
Block or line carets
Standard/map scroll bars
Zoom text (control+mouse hweel)
Highlight current word
Highlight selected word
Scroll bar current word highlight
Scroll bar find results highlight
Auto-add brackets/braces
Brace/bracket matching
Internet search current word
Subpixel font rendering
Gamma correct font rendering
Set UI font
Set text editor font
Auto-hide menu
Menu keyboard navigation
DPI scaling
Drag-drop docking
Custom margins
Show/toggle tab mode in status bar
Show encoding in statsu bar
Show current error in status bar
Vim style edit modes
Partial support. Python script maintained by community
Auto-check out
Diff against head
Revert if unchanged
File History
Revision Graph
Show in p4v
P4CONFIG env var support
Set external Diff exe
Local settings file
Shared settings file
Workspace settings file
Preset colour schemes
Create custom colour schemes
Workspace settings
Create or change key mappings to 10x commands
Map keys to python statements
Multi-key sequence mappings
10x command panel
10x Output panel
Build output panel
Workspace tree
Find text in file, (case, word, regex)
Replace text in file, (case, word, regex)
Workspace search
Find file panel
Find in files
Replace in files
Multiple find results panels
Integration with VS debugger
Start/stop/restart VS debugger
Launch exe
Syncing of breakpoints with VS
Syncing of current config/platform with VS
Syncing of VS debug command/args
RemedyBG integration (python script, community maintained)
Toggle breakpoint
Remove all breakpoints (global/file)
Prev/next breakpoint (global/file)
List breakpoints
Building Visual Studio sln
Custom build setups for 10x workspaces
Build entire workspace
Build active workspace
Build current file
Cancel build
Error/warning highlighting in build output
Goto prev/next build error
C++ Parser
Syntax highlighting
Control-click goto-definition
Find symbol
Find references
Find Function (current file)
Goto function def/decl
Highlighting undefined keywords
Symbol renaming
Include autocomplete
Indirection autofix
Toggle source/header file
Reparse file/all
Show function args hover box
Show symbol info hover box
External headers (additional include paths)
Highlight current symbol
Multi-line aligning (function args, conditionals, variable assignments)
Defined out regions
Show preprocessed line hover box
Set core count for multi-thread parsing
General Syntax Highlighter
Regex based syntax highlighter
Syntax highlighting presets for C, C++, C#, bat, golang, html, xml, ini, java, json, php, python, rust, zig
Add custom syntax highlighting files
Python Scripting
Extend 10x with python scripts
Built in python interpreter
Python API to 10x features
10x Notepad
Notepad exe with custom settings
Fuzzy matching in find tools
Single click updating
List all commands

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