10x Roadmap

All tasks and bugs are tracked in Github Issues


Being worked on right now:

C++ Preprocessor


Minimum set of features to come out of Beta:

For a complete list see github beta issues

Syntax highlighting for other Languages Redo panel docking Reduce Memory usage Find in files Improve font setting Startup page

Post Beta tasks in no particular order...


For a complete list of parser tasks and bugs see github parser issues

Function overloading Error highlighting in source Extend stl support Function pointers Using statements in headers Templated using statements Additional autocomplete info Current scope bar Parsing of shader files Refactoring tools More C++ coverage


These are just examples of some of the planned features. See github features for a full list

Code folding Word wrap Multi-monitor Autohide for docked panels Extendable syntax highlighting Improved Visual Studio syncing Dragging windows out of app Multiple tabs for search results More python scripting Highlights in map scroll bar Custom text background colours Bookmarks list panel Improved Unreal integration Ligature fonts

Mac port Linux port C++ debugger C# parser Python parser Dll based plugins